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Manu Ginobili and his wife sleep in separate beds.


During the calendar year of 1989, Manu Ginobili drew 236 pictures of Gizmoduck. Manu Ginobili’s parents were worried.

Manu Ginobili fucked your wife ten years ago when you were returning Dante’s Peak to the video store. Didn’t you ever wonder why Jacob was so tall?

Manu Ginobili ate all of your Pop-Tarts.

Depending on his mood, Manu Ginobili takes on one of two roles at a house party. Sometimes Manu Ginobili is the guy eating bread. Usually though, Manu Ginobili is sitting near the fridge so that he can admonish: “Don’t touch the Coronas, bro. Those babies are mine.”

Manu Ginobili loves to ask “Can you hear me now?” when he’s on his cell phone. Like in that commercial.

Manu Ginobili has not had cocaine in nine months, three weeks, and two days.

It’s pretty common for people to collect shot glasses from places they’ve visited, but Manu Ginobili takes it a step further than anyone else by collecting only shot glasses that make a pun on the word “shot.” At the New Jersey Hard Rock, he got a Bon Jovi-themed one that said, “Shot through the heart/and you’re to blame/you give love a bad name.” It’s on his mantle next to this one:

Manu Ginobili bought a blank Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt and then added to the bottom an iron-on Manu Ginobili made. People are always asking where Manupolis is.

Manu Ginobili thinks that whole “Hard Rock versus Planet Hollywood” debate sorted itself out quite nicely thank you very much.

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