Manu Ginobili’s assessment of modern art is “My kid could paint that shit.”


Manu Ginobili pronounces “quesadilla” without making the l’s silent.

Manu Ginobili is on hiatus.

Manu Ginobili can’t remember the girl’s name. Annette something?

Sometimes Manu Ginobili tries to see how much time he can eat up on a jukebox at a bar. Even if he doesn’t like them, he’ll just pick the longest songs available. Favorites include “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” “Do You Feel Like I Do?,” “Hey Jude,” “The End,” “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” and “Whipping Post.”

Manu Ginobili did not say cheese.

During the year of 2001, Manu Ginobili participated in a Wesley Snipes newsgroup. He had completely forgotten about it until he got an E-Mail from someone yesterday with the subject line “Is Demolition Man any good–thinking about renting.” Manu Ginobili replied, “You obviously don’t belong here. Demolition Man is f*&$ing awesome. {s BOGGLE.wav}

Manu Ginobili only watches fullscreen DVDs. I mean, he didn’t buy a bigass TV to waste all that space at the top and bottom with black bars. He wants to see the whole picture, know what I mean?


At this time, there is actually no way Manu Ginobili could be president. He was not born in the United States, he has not lived in the United States for fourteen years, he is under thirty-five years of age, and he is not even a citizen. Sorry.

Manu Ginobili has an extensive collection of Tevas.

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